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Setting up adb and fastboot for flashing the Nexus 6

Today, I got a shiny new Nexus 6. I finally retired my Galaxy Nexus today after more than three years of service.

First things first – I’mma flash this baby.

TWRP – check. CM12 nightly – no known bugs – awesome – check. adb and fastboot still on ubuntu since I last flashed my GN – check.

Flashed TWRP first – fastboot oem unlock then fastboot flash recovery twrp- – then tried to boot into it. Couldn’t mount? Buncha red text went by too fast. Hmm. Maybe it’s got to do with forced encryption. Well, I’d just flash it back to the stock ROM and call it a night and worry about CM12 tomorrow.

Downloaded the monstrous stock ROM – it’s 900 megabytes?!?! – and proceeded to ./ What do you mean, 'system' is too big? Oh, I need the newest version of fastboot. The one from the ubuntu phablet ppa won’t cut it.

Not able to just sudo apt-get android-tools-* and have it magically work, I started fumbling around to get fastboot and adb to work the hard way. After two hours of brick-shitting, voila:

  1. Get the android sdk – I skipped the ide and just got the sdk in a tarball
  2. Install some sort of jdk – I used openjdk
  3. Untar the android sdk tarball; go inside to tools/ and use ./android sdk to install platform-tools – uncheck everything except for platform-tools near the top; I didn’t need documentation or samples a phonebecause I’m not actually developing anything right now
  4. Finagle with udev to give fastboot the right permissions
  5. Fastboot was still giving me a bit of crap for some reason when I ran ./, so I read the script with cat and just ran the last line: fastboot -w update and that worked.

So I’m done for now. Still have to figure out why TWRP didn’t work. I’ll get root soon, but pure android is actually pretty decent at the moment. Maybe I’ll see you in a couple of years, cyanogenmod, when Google stops updating android 9 for the N6.

everyday epicness

Quick and easy cowl with fuego

One skein of the gorgeous Fuego in Cobalto makes this warm, squishy cowl. I made this for a fundraiser at R—‘s preschool with yarn donated from Wool Is Not Enough.

Photos by Matthew Pedley

everyday epicness

7 Habits of a Recovering Depressive

M and O

M— holding O— when he was 5 minutes old.

O— was born at 5pm; it was, as far as births go, an easy birth. I thought I was ready to go home that night. My doctor looked at me sideways and ordered me to stay. I ended up staying two nights and went home on day 3 at 8am, chomping at the bit. R— had been staying with Mum and they came over at 9am. The sun was out, and it seemed like a good idea to do the laundry and clean the house a bit. I couldn’t nap; there was too much to do.

By day 5 I was still feeling like Superwoman. I decided to stop taking the painkillers as I suspected they made me feel more invincible than I really was.

At two weeks, M— went back to work. R— turned two and hell broke lose. Everything I did was wrong. Naps and nursings were always a struggle, days were long and full of compromises, and I hadn’t slept in years. I felt like I was drowning in Nothing Ever Gets Done Land.

At six weeks, I woke up and found that I didn’t want to be alive.

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Family Finances Reviewed

canadian_fittyEver since my maternity leave ran out, we’ve been slowly eating into our savings. We’re lucky to have had decent automated savings habits before kiddos, so we have a big buffer, but for a family who ran on a platform of sustainability and responsibility (both environmentally and fiscally), the hypocrisy of the situation was too obvious to ignore.

M— keeps reminding me that when I go back to work, things will look up. But taking out a debt against my future self doesn’t sit well with me. Further, it bothers me that we’re not living within our means – something we preach whenever the topic comes up – especially with M— earning a really decent wage.

Besides, what if I don’t want to go back to work?

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Big boy undies, take one



I made these itty bitty underpants for R a while ago, and they’ve seen some good “action”… Pretty sure he wet them on the very first day, and last week while we were visiting granny and opa, he had a number two accident in them! :(

They’re made from a couple of my old shirts and are 3% stretchy. The fit is pretty fantastic, even though the finishing is haphazard at best.

R is averaging about one accident a week, usually when he’s had a nap in the carseat. When he needs to go he starts pinching his crotch and looks very serious.