Family Finances Reviewed

canadian_fittyEver since my maternity leave ran out, we’ve been slowly eating into our savings. We’re lucky to have had decent automated savings habits before kiddos, so we have a big buffer, but for a family who ran on a platform of sustainability and responsibility (both environmentally and fiscally), the hypocrisy of the situation was too obvious to ignore.

M— keeps reminding me that when I go back to work, things will look up. But taking out a debt against my future self doesn’t sit well with me. Further, it bothers me that we’re not living within our means – something we preach whenever the topic comes up – especially with M— earning a really decent wage.

Besides, what if I don’t want to go back to work?

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Big boy undies, take one



I made these itty bitty underpants for R a while ago, and they’ve seen some good “action”… Pretty sure he wet them on the very first day, and last week while we were visiting granny and opa, he had a number two accident in them! :(

They’re made from a couple of my old shirts and are 3% stretchy. The fit is pretty fantastic, even though the finishing is haphazard at best.

R is averaging about one accident a week, usually when he’s had a nap in the carseat. When he needs to go he starts pinching his crotch and looks very serious.

Diapers and potty training, part the second

When R— turned two and still needed diapers, we were pretty disappointed. At one year, we would go through stretches where we had two or fewer wet diapers, usually when we were out on the campaign trail and couldn’t take him to a potty in time. He was 99% poop-trained as well; by 14 months, he was learning a billion words a day and would consistently say “poop” just before he went. We thought the end is in sight.

Fast forward to the terrible twos.

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My second birth story

I threw on Christmas Eve 2012.

My father-in-law’s tourtiere never gets enough love from the rest of the family, so I washed down three helpings with some ketchup and a beer. It all came up an hour after I got into bed. My poor mum-in-law cleaned it all up while I sat shivering in her kitchen with a cup of hot water. My sis-in-law wondered, maybe you’re pregnant? Ha ha ha, no way. Probably just drank too much, I’m such a lightweight, ha ha ha.

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