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The world, through Vim

I’m going to switch entirely to Vim for the next year (or shorter if necessary). It’s v. v. customisable and but getting used to even the basic commands like insert/append/erase is going to . Fortunately I’m a maniac when it comes to committing changes so rollbacks are dandy. Having been poking around in Vim all morning, I’ve come across a blog post of someone who has done something similar. I think I’ll run into pretty much the same gripes — if there was one thing I missed about using the ugrad labs, it was the emacs on Solaris and their lovely, lovely indentation skillz. Most chiefly I’m making the switch to an open source editor in Windows at work. Up until now, I’ve been coding in Textpad, which is a billion times better than Dreamweaver (what corporate uses). One of them defected to use Vim a few months ago. I looked for some alternatives like jEdit (too slow) and something else but nothing good enough to warrant the cost of switching. Yesterday, it all changed. Textpad doesn’t have the syntax highlighting sophistication to work in Ruby. It barely had enough to get me through ColdFusion and HTML. Only now do I realise how much stuff I’ve had to ‘let slide’ in order to keep using Textpad! Next year this time, if I remember it, I will switch completely to Emacs for one year.